Our Paellas

From the Ocean

Squid, prawns, white fish, mussels, our house-made stock, capsicum, Spanish saffron, organic tomato, green beans and our sofrito

From the Garden

Capsicum, Spanish saffron, tomato, peas, green beans, various veggies, house-made vegetarian stock and our sofrito

Ocean & Farm

Chicken, chorizo, squid, prawns, white fish, mussels, our house-made stock, capsicum, Spanish saffron, tomato, green beans and our sofrito

From the Farm

Chicken, Chorizo or both, our house-made stock, capsicum, Spanish saffron, tomato, green beans and our sofrito


Chicken, green beans, butter beans, our house-made stock, rosemary, Spanish saffron, organic tomato and our sofrito

Our Tapas

Spicy Catering reflects the wonderful Spanish tapas culture; Eating easy and tasty food in a social atmosphere.
Our focus is to deliver platters of really tasty tapas from top notch ingredients. The menu is seasonal with continuous updates.

Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette)

The Classic Spanish recipe with potatoes, eggs and onion.
For a different touch, add mushrooms, piquillo peppers or chorizo.

Pulpo a la Gallega (Octopus Galician style)

We are taking this traditional Galician dish to the next level adding our homemade silky mash potato and sweet Spanish paprika to a premium top quality octopus.

Queso Manchego (Manchego cheese with Capsicum jam)

A surprisingly great combination from the north of Spain. Our made in-house capsicum jam with the iconic 6 months old Manchego cheese.

Chorizo al vino (Chorizo cooked in red wine)

The flavour and juiciness of a Spanish chorizo cooked in red wine and served with a creamy basil reduction.

Jamon bruscheta

One of the most globally recognized food items in the Spanish cuisine. Organic tomato bread with typical Spanish jamon Serrano (Serrano Ham)and dressed with signature Spanish olive oil.

Croquetas (croquettes)

Handcrafted croquettes, freshly made and paired with our homemade signature sauces. Choose your filling of jamon, chorizo, manchego, prawns…


The classic Spanish savory pastry with an endless flavourful filling of organic beef, tuna or vegetarian.

Bacon & Shrimp skewer

Smoky bacon-wrapped shrimp with lemon zest and chipotle BBQ sauce.

Sydney Rock Oysters

Deep, rich and lasting sweetness oysters served with fresh lemons and limes. Ask for our homemade oyster dressings.

Salt & Pepper prawns

Flavourful salt and pepper prawns served with your choice of aioli, mayo or sweet chilli sauce.


Refreshing cold dish from the south of Spain made with organic blended vegetables.


Smooth and silky tomato and bread puree. Garnished with chopped jamon and boiled egg.

Patatas bravas

One of the classiest and most famous Spanish tapas served with homemade aioli and our artisanal spicy sauce.

Our Deserts

Spanish Churros

The best-known Spanish dessert around the world.
Dusted on sugar, cinnamon or both and served with your choice of dark or milk chocolate.

Crema catalana

Spans famous burnt custard dessert flavoured with orange rind and cinnamon.

Rice Pudding

Old fashioned creamy rice pudding with a citrusy touch.

Personalized cakes/cupcakes

Corporate or private event? Give us your idea/theme and we will help you with your cakes and cupcakes